Susie has nothing on me.

 Dear future husband,

I think you should know that I’ve been brushing up on my home making skills. Yes, I am a young Susie-Homemaker-in-the-making (that’s a lot of the word “make”).  So, my room may not be the cleanest on the block, but don’t doubt that I have what it takes.  Last night I ironed everything in my closet that needed to be wrinkle-free…and I don’t even like ironing!  I have also made it a point to keep dishes out of the sink, and sweep at least 3 times a week. 
Oh, that’s just the beginning.  I am working on cooking, too!  Last night I made a delicious pot of Rice-A-Roni.  I know you’re getting excited now!!!  🙂  But do not fret, dear one, I really do make a mean dinner when I have the proper resources.  I also made Jen a 3 layer birthday cake (see below) for her surprise party, so my baking skills are up to par. 
Oh, husband!  On top of all this I will kiss you when you come home, bandage the kids’ scraped knees, bake homemade apple pies, make you laugh, help you with the yard work…and I’ll try to look good while doing it! (ok, ok…maybe that’s a stretch).  So I may be a little rough around the edges, but just know that I’m working on my skills to be the domestic diva that you have always dreamt of.

4 responses to “Susie has nothing on me.

  1. oh no!!! do NOT let neiman read this!! 🙂

    that’s gonna be one lucky man, girl! soooo…maybe we can both be “stay-at-homes” and we can come up with the most wonderful cooking creations EVER!!! ahhh…sounds wonderful! 🙂

  2. hey whitters…

    wanna make me another cake?? mmmmm. 🙂

    i sure love your little face. maybe…i could see your little face very soon!!! 🙂

  3. Hey Whitney-Thanks for checking out my blog and adding me to your blogroll.

  4. Not a bad idea but I hope this future husband you speak of doesn’t start referring to you as Susie. If it came to that it might be your sign that you are too much like this Susie person.

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