anyone else feel this way?

Vote for NOBODY
NOBODY will keep election promises
NOBODY will listen to your concerns
NOBODY will help the poor & unemployed
If NOBODY is elected, things will be better for everyone


I forget where I found this picture, but I obviously saved it for a reason.  Please don’t get me wrong…I am an avid supporter of voting. I voted in the last election and plan to vote in this one, but being the “moderate” that I am, I’m having a difficult time nailing down who to vote for. 

Trying to ignore the media and the popular vote is tough, but I won’t be swayed.  The candidate who gets my vote will get it because of straight facts, not media propoganda.  Ideally I would like a President who has morals, ethics, and a conscience as well as a strong stance on policies (which I won’t get into because I’m not a controversial person).  Wouldn’t it be easy to just sit out this election?  But if I did that I wouldn’t have a right to voice my opinion when things get rocky.

Politically frustrated,

3 responses to “anyone else feel this way?

  1. Um, yes. Agreement. Complete. This is why I’m running for president.

    for answers, maybe you should write one of those newspaper columns or helpers where the people submitting questions sign the letter with
    “sincerely, Politically Frustrated in Dallas”

    oh wait, thats the media too. damn america..

  2. Amos, I’ll vote for you! 🙂

  3. kinda sucks when you have to just try and go by the “lesser of two evils” right? grrrrrr…

    seriously…dave ramsey, anyone?? debt solutions?? maybe we could just get Americans out of debt for a while or something, hehe 🙂

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