So I got an email in my inbox this morning with the link below.  It’s a computer test that they give to 2nd graders in China.

Try it!  Apparently I need to go back to 2nd grade and start over.  Ek!
If you beat the game, I might just give you an award.

5 responses to “impossible!

  1. see now…this is why asians are so darn good at math and have really high SAT scores. i failed the froggy test 😦

  2. theblogwhisperer

    i beat it

  3. Moral of the story, I called you out on the main page of If I had fans, they’d probably be mad, but I don’t. So, you’re cool. On the brightside, I cracked my iPhone so I can way cooler stuff on it.

    I couldn’t remember if you were a DMB fan or not, but the new O.A.R. live CD is really, really good and reminds of Dave.

  4. As a student of law, I should really proofread.

  5. yay i won! but not on the first try..

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