Golden arch controversy


Has anyone seen this article?

I’m usually not one to stir up controversy or speak my mind [on bigger issues] publicly, but boycotting McDonald’s because they donated to a Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce?!?!  Come on, people.  These are the types of “Christians” who turn people completely against the idea of Christianity. As a Christian, I believe that instead of pulling in non-believers, this is going to drive them further away from the Lord and what is important. I have a group of gay and lesbian friends and I will never stop hanging out with them, protest, or think less of them because of their preference.  What do you think Jesus would do?

Think about it…if Jesus were here, do you think he would be on McDonald’s lawn protesting with the rest of them?  No way! I may not know the Bible as well as I should, but I can’t think of a single time when Jesus protested or refused to go somehwere because of someone’s sin…can you? No. Jesus was the one hanging out with the sinners, sharing dinner with them, and spending time with them. 

This also gets me thinking…if you are going to protest one company because they support a “non-biblical” lifestyle, then why not protest pregnancy centers that hand out condoms to young, umarried kids?  What about the company’s whose managers aren’t Christian? Are you going to suspend shopping and/or buying there? Sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it? We should all remember that the way to the kingdom is by serving people in love, not by yelling at them for what they are doing.

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2 responses to “Golden arch controversy

  1. sounds a lot like the starbucks boycott from a few months ago. ridiculous.

  2. “types of Christians”?? wow…slightly divisive. i distinctly remember a Christ going through the temple in a rage throwing over tables…not that McDonald’s is the Temple..but i do think there is something to fighting for what is against God’s word. you can love the people without embracing the lifestyle. so i guess then the other “types of Christians” are those that just sit back and accept sin because they are too afraid of controversy. yet…we’ll stand up against our own…protest churches and evangelism…and we won’t stand up with a voice for Christ.

    a little backwards i’d say…love and acceptance don’t always go hand in hand.

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