$1 could save a life

This morning I came across an amazing idea/opportunity from a speaker that we are booking.  His name is David Droga and he is a creative director.  His latest advertising endeavour is with UNICEF and the tap project.  

The idea is simple, elegant, and genius: Charge people $1 for tap water while dining at restaurants.

Now, just wait.  Before you get huffy & puffy, listen – it’s for a good cause.  If people paid $1for tap water in restaurants for a week, it would fund a lot of clean drinking water in Third World countries.  Water is a privelege that most of us take for granted.  Approximately every 15 seconds, a child dies of thirst or a water-related disease (that’s nearly 6,000 children a day!).  Another little known fact:  lack of clean and accessible drinking water is the second largest worldwide killer of children under five.  For every dollar raised, one child will have clean drinking water for 40 days.  Think of how many lives you could be saving with your $1. 

If you’re fretting over cost, do not fear.  This is a week long campaign.  The opportunity was launched during World Water Week (March 16-March 22).  Over 2,350 restaurants participated.  Work has already begun for the 2009 campaign, and UNICEF is hoping to target more than just the major cities this time.  To propose this idea to a restaurant near you, to donate, or to find out more information, click here.

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