things i don’t understand…

Here is a compiled list of things that baffle me (in no particular order). 

1. Why anyone in their right mind would like the band Nickelback. 

The lead singer looks like a poodle who got his paw stuck in an electic outlet.  Their “music” is a pathetic attempt at the oh-so-boring verse/chorus/verse structure.  Lastly, the name of the band is an instant red-flag. I mean, nothing else screams FRAT BOY other than Nickelback.  Come on, people!

2. Uggs

Just look at them.  Bleh!  

3. The McRib sandwich
Oh McDonald’s…creator of all [most] things disgusting. A pressed, boneless meat sandwich, made to look like it has bones in it?  Why???

4. Segways
Feet?  … Bikes??  Psh, those are a thing of the past!  This is the 21st century people!   Cops now ride Segways in the mall…downtown…you name it.  I realize that they may help in high-speed chases and stuff, but how lazy can you get?  Bikes can go fast, too. 
Seriously…go America!  Laziest country alive.

5. The infamous story of McCain’s campaign volunteer
If you haven’t heard the story, read it here.  Poor girl – she has problems.

6. Humiliating Youtube videos
Why would anyone want to humiliate themselves on the world wide web?  Hmm…poor Scarlett (if you don’t want to watch all the way through, fast forward to 2:50).

Please feel free to add anything that makes you say “wtf?!”

5 responses to “things i don’t understand…

  1. haha nickelback. they look like they should be barbers or dentists or something.


  3. I’ve never laughed so hard in my life (the video)…but hey—I happen to like Nickleback…and so do thousands of others!! They do have some good songs and lyrics…you just gotta “feel” it Whitty 🙂

  4. Oh mother…you and your love of outrageously terrible music. No wonder I bring my own music when we go on road trips. 😉

  5. wow.. that you tube video is amazing.

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