happy halloween!!!

last sunday some friends of ours came to the apartment to carve pumpkins and enjoy other fall festivities. we opted to go the less traditional route with our pumpkins because, let’s face it, the typical 2 eyes and weird smile gets old after 22 years. 

[top: left to right] 
-Lissa carved a sun similar to her almost brand new tattoo (that’s SUPER cute).  Her pumpkin exudes love and sunshine – just like Lissa!!
-Andy carved…well…just look at it.  The mother of the kids upstairs really loved this one when her daughter asked “mommy, what is that?”  Thanks Andy! 🙂
Oscar carved the infamous Apple because it fits him perfectly!  He’s a mac genius and has Apple everything…way to represent, Oscar!

[bottom: left to right]
Whitney (me) carved an anchor because I have a slight obsession with the cute things…and my next tattoo is going to be an anchor (sorry Mom, Dad, Nana & Papa – I still love you).  🙂
Amy carved a peace sign because she’s all about world peace.  I think she did a pageant once and when they asked “if you could have anything, what would it be?” she said “i would want world peace and to save all the puppies.” (that didnt’ really happen)  Amy’s just a hippie at heart!  We love her for that!
Shelby carved a bow.  And let me just say that hers was the most creative.  Not only did she carve a design in her pumpkin, but also layerd it so that some pieces would shine brighter than others. Yes, she put us all to shame. 

We were like proud moms on our kids’ first day of kindergarten.

Happy Halloween to all!


2 responses to “happy halloween!!!

  1. Absolutely love how creative you all are! I don’t celebrate Halloween….I celebrate Rube’s birthday!

  2. Man..I love this idea, please don’t get upset when I steal this idea next year! 🙂 And.. WHITNEY B! one tatoo is ENOUGH!!!!! 🙂


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