lotsa things to be thankful for.

i’ve been feeling like a debbie downer lately, so i decided to think about and list things that make me smile.  sooo, here goes nothing (in no particular order):

friends. spontaneity. the Word. rain. the sound of leaves crunching. hand written letters. the cinema. sleeping in on saturdays. fairy tales. baking. love actually. legs for dancing. legs for walking. legs in general. my dad’s cinnamon rolls. bright colors. hats. family. photobooths. meeting new people. random acts of kindness. animals. laughing. songs that you can listen to over and over again. people accepting you as you are. HALLOWEEN! anything zach braff. travels. watching people eat things i make. being in love. music. reminiscing. honest relationships. back scratches from my mom. happenstance. sunshine. smoothie king. Christmas lights. my nana’s oat bran muffins. the feeling of accomplishment. regina spektor. passionate people doing what they love. fall. good conversations. a steaming cup of coffee. brunch. being giddy. having a crush. sister time. talking to an old friend who you haven’t talked to in months. the smell of Christmas. driving with the windows down. road trips.  girls nights. home cooked meals. vacation. love.
oh, and this song/video:

2 responses to “lotsa things to be thankful for.

  1. this is cute 🙂
    (read it while listening to “take cover”)

  2. GOSH!! Your Dad’s cinnamon rolls over my burnt huge ones? Ho-hum…at least I tried! 🙂

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