the train wasn’t as crowded as usual this morning.
I quickly found an open seat and sat down, ear buds in my ears, minding my own business.
Suddenly I feel a tap on my leg and look up, take ear buds out…

“how you doin’ this mornin’?” he says
“i’m fine, thanks” politely smile, ear buds back in.

he says something else, but I can’t hear. I don’t want to be rude, so I remove the buds again…
“i’m sorry?”

“i said ‘mmm, looks like you fine!!’ you goin’ to work?” he says
“yes, i am.” i reply
“can you get me a job?  whatchu do???” he asks.
“i’m sorry, but I don’t think we’re hiring right now. I am an event planner” quickly put ear buds back in, signaling that I am done with this conversation.

tap-tap-tap on my knee. 

“you got a husband???”

“crap,” I think “what do I say?  There’s no ring on my finger…”
thinking on my feet – i lie.
“no, but I do have a very serious boyfriend.”

“does he treat you good? do you trust him?” he asks.
“yes, i do. i’m sorry, but i’m going to go back to my music now. have a good day.” i say

he proceeds to talk to me. i can barely hear him over my music – something about me being scared of him.  suddenly i notice that an older man in the seat across from him has tried to steer his attention away from me. i pause the song playing, but keep my ear buds in just in case….

“why don’t you leave her alone?  you’re saying some very inappropriate things that aren’t meant for public, and it looks like she is very uncomfortable” says the older man.

“why don’t you mind your business?” says the younger guy.

oh no. i hate confrontation. i turn the song back on so that i can drown them out, but it doesn’t help.  once the song is finished, i pause my ipod again.  somehow the older gentelman has completely calmed the young guy.  he’s now talking to him about God and life.

“I smoked a lot of PCP in my day” says the younger guy, “but i’m trying to get on track. I like to take it one day at a time. I’m going to AA tonight. I’m gettin better – one day at a time.”

“that’s very smart of you.  a very smart person said that once – it was God. one day at a time. do you know how much God loves you? do you think it disappoints him when you talk the way you have been this morning?” the older man ministers.

“God knows my heart and soul, so I don’t mind if he’s disappointed – he knows where i stand.” says the younger guy.

this conversation goes on for a while.  the older gentelman begins quoting Bible verses while the younger man listens intently.  By the time I got to my stop, the older man said that he would like to take the younger one to his church….and if he’s clean and can prove it, he’ll give him a job at his company.

after I hear this, the train stops at Akard (my stop) and I depart.
I’m not sure what else happened between the two, but while walking to my building, I realized that God had taken an extremely uncomfortable situation and turned it into something amazing. I know He does these things on a daily, hourly, minute-to-minute basis, but this particular situation just struck me.  God was changing someone’s life right there. 
This morning I am thankful.

3 responses to “truth.

  1. WOW.
    this is incredible!

  2. Honey – you were so smart to react the way you did instead of panicking or getting upset. You were God’s vessel and a witness to God’s work today.

  3. thanks for sharing. its good to be reminded how God works in other’s lives. if you don’t tell us, we’ll never know.

    so thanks!

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