epiphanies 101

I’ve decided that I will tell people how I feel, even if it makes things awkward.

I’ve decided that my bad habits are oh-so-hard to break, but are in fact breakable.

I’ve decided that wearing skirts downtown when it’s windy is a terrible idea.

I’ve decided that dwelling on issues I cannot control is useless & unproductive.

I’ve decided to finally send in a secret to postsecret.com.

I’ve decided that one day I will live by the sea – even if it’s for a brief moment.

I’ve decided that just because everyone else is getting married/having babies, doesn’t mean i have to.

I’ve decided that praying for longer legs is silly.

I’ve decided that I want to adopt a child…someday……..far, far away.

I’ve decided that my friends are the best a girl could ask for.

I’ve decided that I will finish school soon -I just need more time and more $$$.

I’ve decided to bake 2 pies for Thanksgiving this year.


and finally…the inspiration behind the “I’ve decided” blog…

I’ve decided to throw away the soup I’m eating for lunch because it looks like dog food.


Happy day!

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