hi friends!  i hope you all had a magical thanksgiving.  mine was great…i feel like i’m 5 lbs heavier than i was last week!!  blegh!! anyways, i usually prefer to be more impersonal here, but i don’t have much to write about today, so i decided to post an entry from my journal:

a year ago [December]…

paths diverged,
opportunity knocked,
again & again…
but she turned it away.
because of

her heart needed rest,
her mind, comfort.
a sabbatical was taken,
but not in the wisest of ways.

bonds remained,
but walls were built
around the heart she had clinged to.


present day [December]…

in autumn she grew a spine
and finally spoke
a little too late.

his heart still wanders,
while hers stands still.
she is reminded of those months…
the colors &
smells &
chats &
laughs &
parties &
feelings &
what if’s &
the regret.

a few tears and the biting of a tongue…
more silence than anything.
she yearns to change,
to evolve,
to be in his eyes once more.

she’d take a beating a thousand times
to have the chance to turn things around.

but if winter is death,
then spring means change.
hope always glows,
and peace comes with the dawn.

One response to “December

  1. theblogwhisperer

    hey there, good structure on that second poem. the meter reads well. nice!

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