Several years ago my family and I had guests over. We were all sitting in the living room enjoying typical conversation and sharing stories. One story that was told was by my friend Jamie…

He said that when he’s on a road trip and passes a field of cows, he always waves at the black ones. Of course, my first response was “what?!? why?!”

He proceeded to tell us that waving at black cows brings good luck. His hypothesis was followed by some extravagant story that no one believed, but it was funny nonetheless.

Soon after this I went on a road trip to Dallas with my mom and sister. They waved at every field of black cows they saw just to be funny. I wanted nothing to do with saying hi to the cows because I thought it was silly and dumb. To this day my family still waves at the black cows…they don’t believe that it will bring them good luck, but it’s become a silly thing my family does. When I ask why, my mom says “why not?” I’ve continued to believe that it was silly…until today.

Today…I waved at the black cows.

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  1. now if only those cows will give you a second interview….


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