he was injured…injured bad

I forgot to tell you that i went to Denver last week!  I boarded a plane in dallas where it was 75 degrees.  I got off the plane in Denver and it was -15 degrees. MINUS FIFTEEN!  I didn’t know America ever got that cold.  I guess that’s what happens when you live in the steam room of the nation…thanks TX!

I’m in Wichita Falls now and have been obsessed with making video journals/Christmas gifts for friends and family.  Someone stop me, seriously!  I’m on a roll and it’s starting to get out of hand.

Tonight I saw 7 Pounds with my mom and sister….what an amazing movie!  Seriously inspirational.  I feel like a selfish wanker (emphasis on the British accent, please) after watching it…so I’ve decided to construct more creative ways to give in 09.

Really, though, the entire reason for this post was to say one thing…

some day…some farrrrr away day…when I have a kid[s], I hope that he/she can be as cute as this little guy:


One response to “he was injured…injured bad

  1. These are precious!!!!

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