Hello guys and dolls!

I took a leave of absence, if you will, from wordpress – my apologies.  I’m back in action, though, so no worries (not that you would worry).  It’s a bit late, but…Happy New Year! 2008 was a roller coaster ride for this lady, but I’ve been known to really enjoy roller coasters.  I seriously wouldn’t have had it any other way.  It has now been tucked away in a safe place so that I can go back and reminisce when necessary.

On to 2009…
Let me tell you, I’ve never been as excited about a new year as I am now.  2009 has already brought with it a freshness!  I can feel it, taste it, see it, smell it, hear it…even my 6th sense knows it! 🙂

I really prefer not to do the whole new years resolution thing.  I feel like most goals are too unattainable, or you forget about them, which ultimately ends in self-defeat.  Instead, I just make a list of things to look forward to (not so much resolutions), then I make tiny goals for each month and write them in my goal journal.  I won’t share those with you, but below is a random list of things I am looking forward to in 2009:

1. Skydiving [again]!!!!

2. A new job (which began last week)

3. My dear sister turning 16 ::tear::

4. A new camera [which arrives in the mail TODAY!!!!!]

5. Road trips/concerts with friends

6. Turning 23 (not really a milestone, but I’ll be one year closer to being able to rent a car. Woo hoo!)


8. A healthier Whitney

9. Baking more for events

10. Becoming…

Annnnd the quote of the day/month/year:

“Dwell in possibility…”
–Emily Dickinson


Do it.  It’s wonderful.



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