say whaaat???

To thine own self be true, right?  Ahhh, Shakespeare…you’re so wise.

Some people have been known to take dear Bill’s words to heart, while others dabble around the idea of being true to themselves.

Well, Mr. Joaquin Phoenix decided to take the bull by the horns on that statement.  Last October he announced that he was going to quit acting to pursue a music career.

::cough::  cliche? ::cough::
maybe..but whatevs.

So…anyways…with this announcement, the world (or maybe just die hard Phoenix fans) has been eagerly awaiting his debut at a musician. Will he bring something fresh and new to us, will he do the whole (overdone) indy/folk thing, or will he surprise us all with his belty tunes? Given that music is his “real love,” I would expect nothing less than greatness.  Oh, but I spoke too soon.  Words can’t describe his first performance as a “musician.”

Please, ladies & gents, brace yourselves…

Dear Lord…what is this world coming to?!

3 responses to “say whaaat???

  1. is it too late to say “don’t quit your dayjob” ?

  2. deep in my heart of hearts, i wish that was fake.

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