A nice perspective

Today I’m in a really great mood for several reasons:

1. It’s Friday
2. The sun is shining
3. I’m listening to GREAT music
4. I’m almost over this sore throat
5. Tonight me and 2 of my favorite girls embark on a road trip to the southeast

Sooo….since I’m in such a good mood, I thought you should be, too.  I get these daily emails from a site that I recently subscribed to – they are just little sparkles of hope, rays of sunshine, or positive outlooks on not-so-positive situations.  Yesterday this came through and I would love to share it with you!   🙂

You can rest assured that those who have hurt you had absolutely no idea of what they were doing and what was really going on.

It never occurred to them that you’d become even more magnificent. That they’d be invoking your sympathy, adding to your compassion, and increasing your “sparkles.” And it will still be eons before they can grasp that you actually welcomed them into your life and played their little games for some of these very reasons.


Isn’t that great?? I hope it helps you whether you are at a high or low point in life.

Happy Friday, friends!!!


One response to “A nice perspective

  1. Thanks for sharing that. And you are definitely magnificent!

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