nail biting and heart skipping.

this morning while driving, my mind wandered.
meandering thoughts…
why do i  grow my nails out just so i can chew them down on my morning commute?
who thought to put jam on a peanut butter sandwich – and do they get royalties for such a combo?
where have all the cowboys gone?
why can’t my heart fall?

and then it
i once loved the idea of l o v e  – the romantic kind.
my heart used to skip beats and fall to the floor just from thinking of a boy
(a specific one at certain times)
now my heart is desensitized. and why?
why don’t you skip beats anymore?
you are lacking, but you are oh-so-happy.
and that is ok…because i, too, am happy.

i just hope that when the time is nigh
[[because we know you are guarded now]]
you will not fail…
you will fall…
helplessly and hopelessly…
because that will be ok, too.

One response to “nail biting and heart skipping.

  1. I strongly believe that time will come for you. I will be in prayer that God will bring you someone to fall madly in love with. Someone that does not cause drama, but someone you love to spend every minute with, someone that you connect with on the same level, someone that encourages and builds your spirit, someone that will do anything for you, and you will fill the same about him. Someone you can’t live without!

    ❤ you whitt,
    You are one of a kind and deserve one of a kind. 🙂

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