Austin never looked so good…

so tomorrow i leave for a mini road trip with 2 of my favvvvvvvorite ladies on the planet!!!  Missa Lissa and A-Jax.  i would just like to take a moment to say that i love these girls with my whole heart.  they are both there for me any time i need anything. i never fully understood when Lennon said “I get by with a little help from my friends,” until recently.  i’m so blessed to have the friends that i do – not sure what i did to deserve these great people, but i thank God daily for them all (that includes you!!).  ok, enough of that…

tomorrow, play time begins!!!
[i think this is the first picture we all took together]


and now here we are today…

and LOOK at the forecast for this weekend…ahhh!!! welcome back, mr. sun – you have been missed.


…pictures will follow next week, along with a story or two. i hope you’re ready, ATX!

have a great thursday, my loves!


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