Is it possible for an electronic device to be the anti-Christ?
If so, then I guess I’ve gone over to the dark side.[Dun Dun Dunnnn]
I got my iPhone yesterday and am having some serious trouble putting it down. It’s pitiful, I know. But gosh, this thing can do it all!
I get work email, personal email, weather updates, stock reports, listen to music, check twitter, check facebook, text message, take pictures, send pictures…oh yeah, I can call people, too, but who does that anymore?? 😛
Anyways, I’m addicted….

And here’s lunch yesterday – I’m sure my friends are already really tired of the pic mail…
sorry guys! 🙂

Have a faaaabulous weekend, little doves!


3 responses to “hrmmm….

  1. SO jealous…. I want an IPHONE! 😦

  2. P.S.–> I really do think technology is taking over! But.. I I’m ok with it! ha

    oh ya –> EAT MORE! The carrots have got to go! YUCK!

  3. whaaaat, you don’t like carrots??? they are so DELISH!!

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