17 days until Spring!!!

hello, www (wonderful, wild, webby-friends)!!!

how was your weekend??  i hope it was magical.
the cold front left so much to be desired, but this weekend will be warm!
i’ll post about our road trip tomorrow….

today i would just like to remind you that spring is close to springing!!!!!
this puts a HUGE smile on my face.
i love March…not only because it’s my birthday month (winkkkk),
but also because there is a fresh, new feeling in the air.
it’s a chance for new beginnings,
blossoming dreams,
blooming buds of hope…
and sun shine.  🙂

while i’m eagerly awaiting spring, i’m reading Lolita, by Vladimir Nabokov.
heard of it??  some would say it’s very UN-politically correct, but i’m so intrigued…
and Stanley Kubrick made it into a movie, so you know it’s good!

i also bought a new “springy” necklace to celebrate.
it’s a beaut…at least i think so.

and up-close [but blurred]….eh, you get the idea.

hurry, spring!!!


One response to “17 days until Spring!!!

  1. I’m excited bout Spring too! I want GOOD WEATHER ASAP! 🙂 This hot/cold mess drives me crazy. Never heard of the book, but ❤ the necklace.
    Happy early BIrTHDAY! AHHHH


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