40 days to freedom

So I’m not Catholic, buuuuut I decided to give up something for Lent.

Actually, it’s a collective decision that Amy, Lissa, and I made together.
We have decided (after lots of convincing ourselves) to give up dining out for 40 whole days.  Eeek!!
There is one exception, though – we can go out to eat if it’s…

a. work-related (meeting, office lunch, etc),
b. a date (ow, owww!)/if someone else is paying (which is rare, haha!).

Our main reason for doing this is that it will save 2 things:

1. Our pocketbooks
2. Our waistlines!!!

Sooo….today marks day 2 [since we had no choice but to eat out while we were in Austin].
Let me just say that it’s going to be tough to say goodbye to Chipotle and Pei Wei…they will be oh-so-missed!!
Goodbye dinner parties, and tasty new restaurants….goodbye sushi.  😦


Hello fatter wallet & skinnier waist.  I’ve been waiting for you!!! 🙂

Totally worth it,

2 responses to “40 days to freedom

  1. good luck. that’ll be a tough one i’m sure!

  2. Excellent idea! I think after the second week you are going to feel withdraws! I’m calling it, you will have to let me know!

    P.S.–> I guess this means no lunch for us for 40 days! we still need to get together! haha 🙂
    Let me know the next time your in WF. I might be there too!

    ❤ Tasha

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