the weighting game

so this morning i met with a trainer – one of the “one-time” perks of joining 24-Hour Fitness. anyways…i met with him…went over everything…my health info, eating habits, goals, blah blah… thennnn comes the hard part…the part I’ve been in denial about for like…ever.

circumference measurements,
stepping on the scale,
measuring body fat percentage…

let me just say that i was not ready for the results.
i mean…i know i’m a tad squishier than last season,
but talk about a slap in the face.
that’s ok, though…the trainer had a good point.

i said “depressing…”
he said “…or motivating.”

Umm, yes sir.  I’ll take one cardio machine and 50 push-ups to go, puh-lease?

denial aint’ just a river in Egypt,

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