Don’t forget

…to set your clocks back Saturday night!
Time is finally springing f —o—-r—-w—-a—-r—d!!! 🙂


I don’t know exactly what that poster means, but I thought it was funny.

Ok, so for the good stuff…
I saw this preview a while back, but didn’t blog about it…I think it’s time, now.

Put Joseph Gordon Levitt (yum!!!) and Zooey Deschanel (beauty!) together and what do you get???

(500) Days of Summer!
Just watch the trailer…then go see the movie when it releases. It looks amazing!!

(did you notice “Us” by Regina??? 🙂 )


2 responses to “Don’t forget

  1. haha I LOVE HER!!!!!!!!! 🙂 I just went adn saw YES MAN the other day! SHE IS TOO CUTE! She reminds me of that singer… that kissed a girl and wore cherry chapstick! HAHA KATY something.. Doesnt she?? ha

  2. Katy Perry??

    Yeah, she does kind of look like her. I love Katy Perry, but I think Zooey is much more classy. 🙂

    I haven’t seen Yes Man yet…any good?

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