Hey guys & dolls!!
I hope your weekend was swell!  Mine was amazing!!!

Friday night we celebrated Andy’s birthday, Saturday we did the St. Patty’s Day Parade allllllllll day on Greenville, and Sunday we celebrated my birthday.  This might have been the best birthday yet, and I didn’t even have my dancing shoes on. 😉  My friends know me so well…look what they got me!

That’s right.  A blue vintage Schwinn style bicycle WITH a basket to accompany it!!!!  If you saw this post, then you’ll know how much this means to me.  It’s something I’ve wanted for a LONGGGG time!!

I also got this from Missa Lissa…

“?!?!?!” you ask??  It’s an OWL COOKIE JAR.  I’m completely obsessed with owls!  I have owl necklaces, owl trinkets, an owl coin purse, owl paintings, and now an owl cookie jar…WITH owl cookies inside that Lissa made!  Sigh.  I also name all of my owl friends…we decided that this one is going to be called “Whooolio” (like Julio).


And, I received this DVD from a far away friend.  So thoughtful!!! 🙂   I’ve already watched it, anddd it’s amazing.

This weekend we embark on another road trip to Austin for the famous SXSW festival. I couldn’t be more excited.  AND look at the weather for this week…welcome back, sun!!!

Have a lovely day, my friends.  And thank you all SO much for all the birthday messages, texts, and calls.  The gifts were great, but it was my friends that made my birthday so special.  You make my life complete.

Whitty Bitty!

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