So I’m sure that by now you’ve all heard of FML (if not, click the link..kinda funny).   Well, my friends and I decided to start an LML (love my life) campaign.  SO…I’m going to give you a short-list of a few things that I love about my life at this very moment:

1. Spring is in full bloom!!!
2. I have the best friends in the world…duh!
3. I’m very happy with the person I’m becoming
4. My job…and co-workers. They ROCK!!
5. I am young &  have endless opportunities
6. My imagination is running wild, and it thrills me!!!
7. I finally have an iPhone.
8. I just had the best cup of tea I’ve ever made…seriously.
9. Britney Spears new album (sorry, just can’t get enough of it)
10. This weekend I’m going to SXSW

I know these things might not sound amazing to you, but they have made my month…and my day.  Sooo…instead of thinking of things that you would say “FML” about…think of things that make you “LML,” because, let’s face it…it could be a lot worse.

I double dare you,

3 responses to “LML

  1. Yeah that FML site was rather lame I thought. Dumb crap to complain about.

  2. today i went to a job that i still had, on the 41st floor of a building in downtown dallas. the sun is beautiful, the city is sprawling, and the view is fantastic. then i read this great post by a genuine and optimistic person. LML.

  3. Nic, you’re sweet. Miss you, bud!!! Have a fantastic weekend!! 🙂

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