my vice :: sweets

today at work we had potluck for lunch…
everyone brought something and then we all shared.
fajitas, sandwiches, pasta salad, guacamole, chips & dips…lots of goodness!

dessert time!
oh gosh….this is my weak point.

some kind of delicious looking cherry dessert,
chocolate mousse cake,

the chocolate mousse was screaming my name, but i told myself,
“Self….it will take you a whole hour to burn all those calories from just one slice…”
…then i argued in my head over whether or not i should for about 3 minutes.
and then…..


yep. i gave in.
it’s like…you know you shouldn’t….but you do it anyway.

so sue me,

One response to “my vice :: sweets

  1. hahahah.. I am with you! 🙂 Sometimes you just have to give in! CAN’T HELP IT! ha

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