my Rx for a cold

so i got this incredibly sore throat on Wednesday morning that kept getting progressively worse.
before this i was seriously high-fiving my immune system for fighting off all the germs and sickness that’s been spreading around Dallas…
but alas, i spoke way too soon.

so, i present to you…my prescription for this yuk stuff….

1. LOTS of rest. Throw in a good movie, or two.
I chose Amelie (pictured below), Boondock Saints, & American Beauty.

2. Lean foods. A friend told me that grilled fish is really good for you when you’re sick, so I tried it.
Not sure if it worked, but I definitely feel better today!

3. Massive amounts of vitamins, liquids, honey, tea, etc.
(Nyquil not pictured)

4. Good music.  I suggest The Strokes for a pick me up and Sigur Ros when you’re feelin’ the lowest.

I’m not 100% better, but I’m definitely getting close.

wam, bam, thank you ma’am,
Dr. Whit

One response to “my Rx for a cold

  1. Can’t go wrong with fish and asparagus 🙂

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