so last night my car was broken into…AGAIN! this time was a bit different, though. instead of stealing things, the guy (or girl…no sexism here) decided to throw something through one of the windows, shatter it, and leave.

ok, i don’t know if it really happened that way, but whatever.
anyways, the point is that my car was broken into for the sixth time….yes, sixth time…in the last 8 months.  i’m beginning to wonder if someone out there is holding some kind of massive grudge against me.  i really try to be nice to everyone…i do…even my neighbors whose kids are insanely noisy at 9am on saturday mornings.  ugh.

so now i’m torn.  as most of you know, i’m a pretty optimistic person. but i’m pissed. i don’t understand why this keeps happening to me.  my first reaction was to take a deep breath and say “it’s ok…easily fixable…no biggie.”  the alternative was to be mad.  at who??…i’m not sure.  now i’m stuck in this rut.  i’m blaming every homeless person i see, or really, any person i see walking the streets in my area. that’s not fair. and it’s not me.  but after so many times, it starts to wear on a person.

so…do i forgive, forget, pray for this person, and move on??  or do i just hope that karma is a really big biatch to whoever did this?? i know what i should do.

to be or not to be,

3 responses to “torn

  1. Honey – I’m so sorry you are experiencing such frustration. I’m not an expert on crime, but it seems to me that you are being singled out. Maybe you should have the police casing your area and hopefully catch this person in action.
    You need some help with this. Don’t wait too long.

  2. OMG! You have got to be kidding me! YES.. YOU HAVE TO DO SOMETHING! Don’t sit back any LONGER! this is rediculous!
    SPY CAMERA MAYBE? DO SOMETHING! I want to find this person myself and LAY HANDS ON THEM, and not just to pray 4 them! ha ha

    Whit… this is CRAZY!
    OR MOVE! haha

  3. I know, it’s insane. I found out that another neighbor’s car was broken into on the same evening – so maybe whoever it is, isn’t singling me out. Either way, it’s annoying and expensive and just plain rude. We are breaking our lease.

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