earth to (insert name here)

In honor of Earth Day (and Earth Month), I’ve decided to share with you a few green tips!

1. Sole Seekers Unite!
In need of some new flip flops this summer?  Look no further!
Soul’s Calling
is now selling recycled plastic and rubber sandals.
The best part is that the soles of the shoes have the words “Hope” and “Love” on them, so that imprints are left in the sand…
or dirt, if you live in TX!  Now, get out there and strut your green side. 😉

2. Earth
Looking for some entertainment? Go see Earth, a Disneynature production that follows 3 different animal families on a journey across different parts of the planet.  The film is put together from outtakes of the popular show “Planet Earth.”  The best part??  For every audience member that sees the movie during opening week, Disney plants a tree.  Guess they finally realized how much they are cluttering up the world and junk fields with all that Micky Mouse swag. 😉

3. Got a sweet tooth??
If you’re in Dallas, Houston, Cali, or Phoenix, then head to the nearest Sprinkles for their vanilla earth day treats.  100% of proceeds from this particular cupcake goes to Texas Tree Foundation.  If you’re not in Texas, it doesn’t matter.  Help us out. We need more than just mesquite trees in this state. Ya hear??

4. Quick and Easy
Want to do your part, but not sure how to help?  Check out Ideal Bite for “bite-sized ideas for light green living.” Here you can sign up for a weekly email that contains sassy green living tips.  So not only are you doing your part, but you’re also being entertained.  They also have tips for each day.  Cute, fun, and environmentally savvy. What more could you ask for?

5. Are you more visual?
Then check out The Guide Girls.  This hilariously creepy duo, dishes out instructisodes that teach you how to lead a more eco friendly lifestyle.  Winnie & Maxine (their alter egos) give you a play by play on how to conserve water during showers, create less garbage, and save energy – all in their own unique way.  No words can describe it…you just have to see it for yourself.  The videos are addicting!  Check them out –

6. Wear Green
With the economy falling faster than a runway model, I know it’s easy to be more concerned with saving your green than going green.  Well, fair friends, I have good news.  Target has collaborated with Scott Hahn & Rogan Gregory to keep your style alive!!  Their new line, Loomstate, is a conservatively priced, 100% organic cotton collection.  Made for men & women, your pocket book will be sure to thank you!

7. But what can I do everday?
Don’t worry!  If you’re not into these types of things listed above, there’s still LOTS you can do to help Mother Earth.

  • Buy cloth or recyclced bags that you can re-use for groceries.
  • Ride your bike, walk, or take a train/bus to work at least 3 days a week
  • Replace the 5 most used lights in your house with eco-friendly bulbs.  This also saves on your electricity bill!
  • Take shorter showers, don’t take baths, and for goodness sakes, turn off the water while you’re brushing your teeth!
  • Recycle!
  • Get involved in your community. There are tons of volunteer organizations that are Earth concious.
  • Eat organic
  • If you have the money, and need a new car, go hybrid!
  • Donate or recycle electronics

Ok, that’s all my brain can think of for now.  There are countless websites and blogs out there dedicated to this, so if you are truly interested in living more eco-friendly, then use your internet resources…Google!

And now I leave you with this….

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