it’s a bittersweet symphony

self-realization can be quite an ugly thing.

it wasn’t until this morning that i realized
it doesn’t matter how many friends you have…
best friends, acquaintances, friends that “get” you and friends that don’t…
it doesn’t matter.
because there comes a time and place when you realize
that no matter how deep your relationships are,
or how different they are from others,
you are on your own. always.
of course, if you’re a spiritual person (which, I am), God is always with you…
but aside from that…speaking from a completely worldly standpoint,
we are each alone.

so, we must find those things that make us tick,
the things that thrill us,
that challenge us,
that make our lives worth living,
things that make us better…
and then we must pursue them.

because in the end,
all we will have is ourselves,
and what we did,
and who we impacted,
and how we gave back.

my friends and family mean the world to me,

3 responses to “it’s a bittersweet symphony

  1. And you mean the world to your family and your friends. How blessed we all are to have had you touch our lives.

  2. Whitney, it is truly touching to witness your self-discovery through your blog. How old are you again? With your eyes wide open, you have the freedom to truly live life and notice how the universe response to your actions.

  3. Hi Nana & Laura,

    Thanks for both of your comments. 🙂 You’re so sweet. I miss & love you both and hope to see you soon!!


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