celebrating life

As some of you may know, Guy Mascolo passed away yesterday, after suffering a heart attack in Dallas.  Guy was the co-founder of Toni & Guy (he founded it in 1963 with his brother Toni).  Guy was only 65 years old – a very young age to pass.

My friend Andy was the one who told me the news – Andy works at TIGI.  Andy told me that today at noon, everyone at TIGI and all the Toni & Guy salons across the world, were going to release balloons into the air in Guy’s honor.  I think that’s absolutely brilliant.  Of course many will be mourning his death, but a celebration of life is something that Guy would prefer.

It got me thinking – when I pass, I think I want balloons released at my funeral.  Pink balloons would be nice – alllll shades of pink.

hot pink,
pastel pink,
salmon pink,
coral pink,
deep pink,
lipstick pink,
baby pink…

you get it.  So, friends and family – I’m sure it’s quite far away…but when that day comes, please release balloons.  🙂


Photo Credit here.


One response to “celebrating life

  1. Guy Mascolo, together with his brother Toni was the founder of Toni & Guy. Their globally renowned hairdressing company was launched in Clapham in South London in 1963 when the brothers were still in their late teens. The sons of Francesco and Maria Mascolo, the brothers learned their hairdressing skills from their father, himself a respected hairdresser.

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