Today is my Nana’s birthday

I remember when I was a little girl.  There was no where I’d rather be than hanging out at my Nana & Papa’s house.
Nana always made me feel so special…it was me and her against the world!

She taught me to bake.
She bought a stool so that I could be the perfect height in her kitchen.
She let me help her in the garden.
She dealt with me crying (because I missed my mom) on a 13 hour road trip to Georgia.
(I still feel bad about that)
She took me to church.
She didn’t get mad when I nearly burnt down her kitchen.
She let me wear her apron.
She let me crack the eggs.
She took me on walks.
She let me drive when I was 14…
and when I almost wrecked her car, she just laughed with me.
She took me to the park,
took me to church,
taught me life lessons…
she was my best friend in the world.

She still is.

Today I would like to honor you, Nana (because I know you read this :)).
I couldn’t have asked for a better Nana!  I’ll never forget all the memories that we have together, and all the things you have taught me.
You’re such a wonderful woman of faith, wisdom, grace & poise, and I can only hope to be as wonderful as you some day.

Miss you heaps and love you endlessly.
Happy birthday!



One response to “Today is my Nana’s birthday

  1. I hope your children feel the same way about me one day!! 🙂


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