Hi little birdies!

Recently I’ve come across some really adorable stuff on the www that I’m not sure I can live without. Have a looksie!

1. Jonathan Adler British flag pillow. Don’t you love it?!

2. This Retromodern Mini Grill from Anthropolgie.  So adorable. I bet it makes the meat taste better, too.
Everyone would want to have cookouts at my house!

3. To-Die-For ruffle dress by Sarah Seven.  Ahhhh, must have!!!!
the peaceful afternoon dress

4. Coolest bed ever. Not sure who makes it or where it comes from, but it’s so bird housey!!

4. Snow-White sticker for my macbook – Genius!

5. Every summer needs a romper! (and tan lines, duh!)

6. Chandelier from Ikea (So inexpensive. Gotta love it!)

7. I want to see this when I look out my window. I wouldn’t mind the sailboat either.  🙂

8. A new lens for my cammy-camera!  Not sure which lengs, though…

I tried to come up with 10 things that I really want, but came up a little short.  So for the next two, I’ll just say that I want you to have a really good day and weekend! 🙂

the bees-knees

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