Wednesday Ponderings

Does coffee really stunt your growth?  I was introduced to the dark beverage by my Papa when I was a wee one…  I took to it immediately and have been an addict ever since.  Maybe that explains why I’m only 5’0″….?

Why does it seem like ice cream always wants me to eat it???
Particularly the mint chocolate chip kind….just screams my name until I finally say “ok, ok, you win.”

Why are The New Frontiers soooOOooo good? And why did they break up?
….hurts my heart, really.

What if Summer didn’t exist? And all we had was Winter & Fall?  And Spring was just a small tease of what gloriousness we could have if Summer existed.

What if I don’t use the talents I’ve been given,
and one day get to the pearly gates just to find out that I’ve disappointed God?

Who, at the Jelly Belly factory, thought a popcorn flavored jelly bean was a good idea?!?

What if the world was like a puzzle, and someone came down with their fist and smashed it to pieces…then put it back together the wrong way?  Would we be able to find the people we were friends with before the tragedy? …Or would we go on never seeing them again?

Did the owl ever find out how many licks it really takes to get to the center of a Tootsie Roll pop?

Whit! 🙂

3 responses to “Wednesday Ponderings

  1. I’m a FAN of this BLOG! Very funny and true! LOVE IT! 🙂

  2. Hey Whitney,
    I printed this off & let Papa read it, he smiled & thought it was pretty neat that you remembered him “fixing you coffee” when you were little. Where DID the years go ??

    We love you very much,
    Nana & Papa
    ps: I only print what I want him to see !! haha

  3. Hi Nana! 🙂

    Of course I remember it…and our drives to DQ for M&M blizzards…and helping him in the yard….and watching him engrave glass….the list is endless.

    I miss & love you both so much!! Tell him hi for me. And thanks for not showing him everything. 😉


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