life’s a whirlwind

lately time has been passing SO quickly. i don’t even know where it goes anymore.

in a way it’s awesome because i know that my life is climaxing to something amazing and much larger than myself & my tiny bubble.  on the other hand, though, it’s sad…because the good times are flying by so incredibly fast. i feel like i might miss something important everytime i blink.

all of that to say, that this summer has been amazing so far!  destin, fl was a blast!  i didn’t take my camera for fear of sand getting in the nooks and crannies and ruining it…so i don’t have any pics yet – they are all on lissa & patti’s cameras.  i’ll post as i get them.

friday night i caught up with some good Sarah & Amy.

and of course Andy. 🙂


and spent some much needed QT with my roommate….


after dinner, we went to see Bruno.  WARNING…it’s disgusting! …i’m not talking Jackass disgusting.  i actually felt like I needed to bathe in holy water when i left the theater. Yep, that bad!

Saturday i spent all day baking, designing, and building a cake with a couple of girlies from work for our Threadcakes entry.  this is the shirt that inspired our cake.  it’s called “the morning after.”  clever, right?


and this is our cake
(preface to picture: don’t laugh! the AC ended up going out in our work space which made the frosting, fondant, and everything else hard to work with. AND it made us hot and ready to get it over with)….


so it wasn’t as big of a disaster as we thought it would be, but it DEFINITELY didn’t turn out the way we had hoped. this is also a picture from my cell phone – my camera battery died that morning, so i couldn’t use it.  😦  Saturday we had a girls dinner & movie night and saw The Proposal – cute, but really predictable.  oh and i had my first gelato! deeeelish!

sunday amy & i made a little breakfast, watched some friends, went to the pool & volunteered at the CARES team ice cream social
this is me and John at the ice cream social (John’s my favorite baby in the world…)


isn’t he adorable?  he reminds me of Tommy from the Rugrats. sooo cute!  he’s going to be quite the ladies man, too!
annd, that’s a wrap. it was a great weekend, but went by way too fast. i hope all you are having a good monday!


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