no room for the blues

it’s time i address the elephant in the room.

i had the blues for about 12 hours this weekend.
it’s quite silly, if you ask me.

i have SO much to be thankful for,
and hardly anything to be blue about…

every single minute of every single day, they’re there…
maybe hidden in people, or circumstances, or the couch….
lost keys, obstacles, closed doors…
camouflaged, chattering, or whispering….
they are always there.
10,000 reasons to be happy!

so sunday morning i pulled up my boot straps and snapped back to reality.
and in celebration, i bought this color:
(appropriately named “no room for the blues”)


happy monday!


One response to “no room for the blues

  1. That’s right whitty! No time or room for the blues! 🙂 Must a be HAPPY GO LUCKY! you get more out life! Not to mention we do too! HA P.S. last night for some reason I thought about our Braums/studio triangle selling meeting/& Buffalo Wild Wings night! 🙂 I MISS YOU! muah

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