today is national watermelon today

When I was young[er], my sister and I would head over to hang out with Nana & Papa almost every Saturday of the summer.  Nana always had a watermelon there waiting for us.  She would seed the watermelon, and then thoughtfully cut it into bite-sized squares.  That’s not even the best part.  Nope.  The best part was when she would drain all the remaining juice in the melon, pour it into 2 separate glasses, and hand them to me and Carly (sister).  Gosh, how I loved those days.  Now when I see, smell, taste watermelon, my mind quickly wanders back to the old days.

Things were simpler back then.  Being a “grown-up” is fun (although some of my friends would strongly disagree and say that I’m nowhere near being a grown-up).  But sometimes I just want to wake up, have mom make breakfast, watch some cartoons,  eat ice cream and not worry about what it’s going to do to my hips, spend my remaining $1.50 on bubble gum, wear my swimsuit all day/night, run in the sprinkler, and go to Nana & Papa’s.

And then the child in me says “why can’t I?”

And the truth is, I don’t know.
So, now I will be Whitney, the child-like adult, who goes on adventures, walks with barefeet, eats ice cream, pays bills on time, goes to work Monday – Friday, and cuts her own watermelon.  That works, right?


One response to “today is national watermelon today

  1. Ok, come home, I will buy the ice cream, make you a HUGE breakfast and let you have control of the remote…the rest is up to you.

    Love ya!!

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