the company you keep

it’s peculiar how people fade in & out of your life.

a friend and i were chatting the other day…a best friend, actually. he said that we probably won’t be in touch in 5 or so years, just because that’s the way life works. that we’ll both [probably] be in different cities, married, going on with our lives… thinking about that made my heart  sink a little. not because i don’t want those things he mentioned [i d0!], but because i don’t want to lose the friendship. i’ve known him for over two years now. he’s been there for me through a lot, and vice versa. then i thought of my other friends, whom i love dearly. who each hold a special place in my heart. life without them is simply unfathomable. they have helped guide me through the rough patches, laid in grass with me, been bored with me, made bad/good decisions with me, and most of all loved me…and i love them. not having these people in my life is heartbreaking…and just can’t happen.

but it does.

it happens. to some.

then there are friends who i am just meeting. uncanny connections. and i am amazed as to why our kindred spirits have not before realized how kindred they really are. and there are still things to learn, and mysteries to solve of one another, and the itch for something beyond friendship. and i hope, and i hope, and i hope that this affinity will not fade, but will forever burn bright and colorful, like confetti, or multi-colored lights. the kind that blink and sparkle. 

one of my life-long dreams it to take a month-long road trip across the country. to big cities, small towns, hole-in-the-wall restaurants, and side-of-the-road sites. my only hope is that i will find someone adventurous enough to go with me. someone with a whimsical imagination, who likes deep conversations, being silly, taking pictures, and who [most importantly] likes good music. found! 

now, don’t fade.

none of you fade.  

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