As a child, I always thought it’d be cool to go to Neverland and hang out with Tinkerbell. Actually, if we’re being honest, I still think it’d be cool. And apparently I’m not the only one.

Saturday night I’m attending a “Neverland” themed birthday party (there will be no pop stars or ferris wheels present). Deciding what I would dress as was quite challenging. I mean, there are so many options: Mermaid, Indian, Fairy, Pirate, Cowboy. I finally decided that a fairy would be most fitting for me, since I do like to dress up and am always looking for a chance to sprinkle a little glitter around. A standard fairy costume you find online just won’t cut it, either. I got a little vision in my head of my costume, and decided I would make the skirt. So, after dinner with a dear friend last night, I rushed home to bust out tulle, thread, elastic, and shiny leaves. The skirt is still in production, but I’ll post a picture once it’s complete.

I found out that I’m not the best when it comes to sewing a straight line, but that tulle is so secure!

(Top left: Fairy wings, Top right: Elastic with tulle sewed on BY HAND, people! This is a big step for me.  Bottom left & right: leaves of all shapes and colors)

2 responses to “three

  1. dannnnnnnnnnng.

    i’m impressed!

  2. Don’t worry, the skirt was everything BUT impressive. Quite disappointing, in fact. I ended up buying something. Worth a shot, though! 🙂

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