I realize my feet are dragging a bit on this one-a-day bloggage I have going on, but I’m adding 3 today to make up for it….one for each day.

Friday night a group of us went to the lovely Eno’s Pizza in Oak Cliff. If you live in DFW and haven’t been, you must go! The atmosphere is so cozy and fun. It’s perfect for a date or a large group. And the pizza is good. Not my favorite in Dallas, but I still give it 4 stars.

We went to celebrate my long-time friend Brad’s 26th birthday. It was a great celebration of life, pizza and karaoke (karaoke not at Eno’s). And of course, there was a bit of alcohol involved…you don’t sing “Wannabe” by Spice Girls without first having a few cocktails! Along with birthday celebrations, I also got to spend some time with these awesome ladies…

So thankful for my amazing group of friends!

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