Did you ever see Benjamin Button? If so, do you remember the scene in which his mom takes him to church so that the Preacher could possibly heal him? The Preacher asks Benjamin “How old are you?” And Benjamin says, in his old-man voice, “Seven..but I look a lot older.”  Every time I hear the word “seven”, I imagine him saying it and giggle a little bit. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, watch the video bleow:

So cute!

How was your Labor Day? Mine was spent partly with the boyfriend and partly with some friends. A friend’s parents were having a cook out, so a few of us went to join in on the festivities. We decided to hit up the sand volleyball courts. If you all remember the blog about my disgraceful tennis skills, then you probably know it’s safe to assume that I’m just as bad at volleyball. I made sure everyone knew, though, and consequently I was picked for teams last. What can ya do?

Sports just aren’t something I’ve ever been good at. But there are other things I’m good at, like listening, reading, baking, cleaning….  Oh gosh, this is terrible! What AM I good at?

This got me thinking a little bit last night. It’s a disappointing feeling when you finally realize that you don’t particularly excel at anything.  Sure, I’m “good” at several things….but what is my strength? What is it that I love to do and am equally as great at doing? The answer to that question, my friends, is I just don’t know. Hopefully one day I will find it.

3 responses to “seven

  1. Whitney, I do remember one day walking past where you were practicing baseball and you were squatted down & had a little stick in your hand and were playing with the ants !!!! I yelled Whitney pay attention !!

    I love you girl, you are my 1st granddaughter and you will always be “SPECIAL” of course Carly is also ‘SPECIAL”



  3. Thanks, Nana. You’re so sweet. I love you!

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