Sunday was spent resting. Most of my attention was geared toward watching Modern Family, with a nap or two mixed in. I honestly haven’t spent an entire day doing nothing since………I don’t know when. At first I felt really bad about it. I kept thinking of all the things that I could be doing. Finally, I just let go and admitted to myself that a day of rest is just what I need. And rest, I did. It was amazing!

I finally crawled my way out of bed and decided to become more human by showering and looking semi-presentable. I spent the rest of the night on a rooftop with some cool cats discussing people and life-size Jenga.

Lesson I learned: Sometimes it’s important to put all your “to-do’s” on hold and just be. You never realize how much you need it until you do it. Take time for yourself! You’ll feel like a whole new person.

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