As a child, I always thought it’d be cool to go to Neverland and hang out with Tinkerbell. Actually, if we’re being honest, I still think it’d be cool. And apparently I’m not the only one.

Saturday night I’m attending a “Neverland” themed birthday party (there will be no pop stars or ferris wheels present). Deciding what I would dress as was quite challenging. I mean, there are so many options: Mermaid, Indian, Fairy, Pirate, Cowboy. I finally decided that a fairy would be most fitting for me, since I do like to dress up and am always looking for a chance to sprinkle a little glitter around. A standard fairy costume you find online just won’t cut it, either. I got a little vision in my head of my costume, and decided I would make the skirt. So, after dinner with a dear friend last night, I rushed home to bust out tulle, thread, elastic, and shiny leaves. The skirt is still in production, but I’ll post a picture once it’s complete.

I found out that I’m not the best when it comes to sewing a straight line, but that tulle is so secure!

(Top left: Fairy wings, Top right: Elastic with tulle sewed on BY HAND, people! This is a big step for me.  Bottom left & right: leaves of all shapes and colors)



I know what you’re thinking…

Yes, I actually paid $10 to go see The Last Exorcism. What can I say? I’m a sucker for cheesy horror movies. I did, however, learn that not all exorcism movies are created equal. While this one did involve a sweet young girl, demon possession, vomit, and a few distorted body movements, the plot line was much unlike any other exorcism movie I’ve seen. I guess you could call it a “mockumentary” of sorts. I wouldn’t really recommend it unless you’re just into cheesy horror films…and if that’s the case, then let’s go to the movies!


(Preface: I told you I was a procrastinator. Picture worthy day is finally beginning!)

Last night I suggested to Wesley that he and I play a game of tennis. He was beyond thrilled about the idea. After work we visited a local sporting goods store, bought rackets and balls, and were on our way to the tennis courts! I didn’t warn him about my lack of athletic ability, but I had a little hunch that he was on to me anyways. It was a nice night in Dallas, so naturally, the courts were packed. As we waited for a court to open up, I snapped a quick picture of us. I also mentioned that I might not be the best tennis player in the world. He understood.

As we busted out our shiny new rackets (mine was pink, of course), I made note of the people on the courts to each side of us. They seemed pro, so immediately I was a little intimidated and nervous about the possibility of accidentally hitting balls onto their courts. And this is where the story pretty much takes a nose-dive. It was terrible. One minute I would hit a ball into the net, the next minute I would hit it with the aim of a 4 year old swinging a bat for the first time.  I felt like a disgrace to mankind as I watched my poor boyfriend chase the balls from one side of the court to the other, all so that the strangers on the courts next to us could play an uninterrupted game.

My point: I’m an awful athlete, but I learned something valuable about Wesley. His patience is that of a saint. He even said he’d play with me again. What a guy!


Yesterday I came across Picture Worthy Day. The initiative was started by a colleague of my boss’, who I had the opportunity to sit and chat with last week. His appetite for being passionate about what you do was inspiring. So when I stumbled upon his blog, I knew that I had to join the campaign. You can read about the effort here. The idea is to inspire and challenge the individuals who participate to do something meaningful with each day (for a full 365 days), and take a picture of that moment/event/place/etc. Keep a photo journal of each picture worthy happening and use that as a way to set goals, hold yourself accountable, and inspire yourself. If I don’t procrastinate with this (like I do with much of everything else), then I will begin the first of July. But, if I know myself, I’ll probably really begin around early Fall. It’s just how I roll.

Once started, I will keep you all posted on how things are going and some of the new goals I am setting. XO!

“Try as much as possible to be wholly alive, with all your might, and when you laugh, laugh like hell and when you get angry, get good and angry. Try to be alive. You will be dead soon enough.”
William Saroyan

It’s Summertime

This year I made the drive to visit  my family over Mother’s Day Weekend. The decision was made on a whim, but I was glad for it. I spent lots of time with family and a little time with old friends.  Shockingly I actually didn’t get any photos with my mom. Whoops!

Carly & I decided to kill time on Friday night after dinner by acting like 12 year olds in Wal-Mart. I mean, what else is there to do in Wichita Falls?

Saturday we just had to make a stop by the famous Scott’s Drive-In….

….for burgers and shakes and fries, oh my!

Also, my diet went out the window that day.

Then we made a stop by this little lady’s house. I hadn’t seen her or her parents in 4 years. It was a very enjoyable reunion.

So enjoyable that I gained a fan club of 2. (Ok, so they don’t know how to spell my name but fans are FANS, people!)

Later that night I went to a birthday party celebrating one of my best friends from high school (in the middle).

And in honor of Cinco De Mayo, of course.

Ashley & I ended at a popular bar in Wichita Falls where we hung out with some old friends and Irish folk.

No pictures were taken on Sunday because I was scrambling to wake up on time, shower, cure the Sunday morning hangover, look decent,  make it to church on time, go to the grocery store, and bake my first from-scratch Pineapple Upside Down Cake all before 2:00. Needless to say, picture taking wasn’t the first thing on my mind.


on losing my muchness

As a child, I thought grown-ups had it all figured out. They were the lucky ones. No school, no homework, no petty arguments with friends. They had jobs that were fun, had what seemed like an endless supply of money, and were allowed into those mysterious places for only the 21+ group. An adult – that’s surely what I wanted to be!

When I was a non-adult, my problems seemed so apocalyptic. If things weren’t fixed with (BFF’s name) now, if  (boy’s name) didn’t like me, or if I didn’t make cheerleader….well surely my world would end right then and there! Now that I’m what society deems an adult, I’m not so sure about the young-Whitney’s certainties.

You see kids, being an adult isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Now instead of counting fractions, I’m counting calories. And instead of counting down the days to summer freedom,  I watch the minutes go by until 6:00 so I can be free from the chains of work and go to bed. What I used to think were copious amounts of money are really just tiny amounts that go toward rent and student loans and cell phones and gas…and then if enough is left over, food (and of course a drink).

The truth is that young-Whitney was much muchier than present day-Whitney. Even with all the drama that a preteen girl can admit to, young-Whitney’s mind was still racing with ideas, creativity, wonder and dreams. She taught me that life always goes on, now matter how big your problems seem to be. The world won’t stop turning because things don’t go your way. That is muchy! But now that muchy has jumped-ship. I blame it on the perils of adulthood, but really there is no reason to lose muchness….not for me, not for anyone. So I’m working on getting that muchness back.

And if the biggest problem I’ll ever have is whether I should choose a salad over a hamburger, well then I’d say I’m pretty damn lucky.

Ctrl + Z

I have to admit that among inventions,
the “Undo” button is right up there with the very greatest of all time…
but it’ll never compare to the “Do” button,
from which worlds are born.

I don’t think I’d undo one thing.