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Obviously I’m no good at the update-your-blog-everyday thing. So instead, I”ve decided to still find something picture-worthy in each day, but to only post at my convenience. And posting only pictures/days I see fit or interesting-ish.

Recently, I’ve been volunteering a bit with Paws in the City. They are a WONDERFUL organization in Dallas dedicated to saving as many dogs and cats in DFW as possible. I’ve always had a deep passion for animals (mainly dogs) and a large hate for animal cruelty/neglect. Getting involved was easy as pie!

Paws in the City takes in stray dogs that are found as well as shelter dogs that are on the euthanization list. The other great thing about Paws is that they “foster” all the animals that they can. So, instead of puppies/dogs/cats/etc being raised in a shelter, these animals are raised in a home and (hopefully) taught how to behave. They are also each spayed/neutered, up to date on their shots, and most of them are housebroken.

The more I volunteer and share experiences with these dogs, the more I grow to love every single one of them. Seriously, I’ve found about 5 that I’m ready to just wrap up and take home. They all have such huge hearts, playful demeanors, and are ready to find a forever-home.

Sweeney (above) is my ABSOLUTE favorite!! I would love to foster her to see how she works out in my home and with my roommate. The problem is that she already has a foster home. However, in playing and sitting with Sweeney, I noticed that she has tons of fleas….from her foster home….not good! So I’m working on getting her re-fostered [yep you guessed it] into MY home!

Rambo (below) also stole my heart. His 5 brothers and sisters have been adopted, so he’s now alone and a little sad. I held him for almost an hour.
Heart = Melted!

I guess this post has a couple of points:

1. All of this “work” has been everything but work. Instead, I have been immensely rewarded with love, hugs, wagging tails and big licks on the face. Dogs are animals, yes, but they can bring so much light and joy to a family or single person. Never take for granted the happiness they can bring into your life!

2. If you are looking for a dog or cat, PLEASE check out the rescue groups in your city. Rescue animals have pasts…some of them not so pleasant, and some of them left to the unknown. It’s sad and they deserve a second chance at life. Please, before making a decision, check out your local shelters and rescue groups. Petfinder.com is a great site that can help you find the type of dog you are looking for in your area. And I’m always glad to help out if you need it! 🙂



my new love

ok, so [i think] i’ve already filled you in on most of my celebrity loves…
if not, then that’s just a [long] blog waiting to happen.

but, guys & gals, i know i haven’t told you about my new-found love.
this love makes my heart skip a beat every time i think about it…
i look forward to this all day long…
sometimes i day dream and can’t help but smile…
other times i think about how amazing this love makes me feel…

his name, you ask??  his name is Bikram…
no, i’m not talking about a boy with an instrument or tattoos… heck, i’m not even talking about a boy…
i’m talking about Bikram Yoga.
if you haven’t heard of it, then i suggest you do some research.

Bikram Yoga is a new thing i’ve been trying lately.  you go into a room of mirrors with a temperature of about 105* and do 90 minutes of yoga.  yep, that’s 90 full minutes of stretching, toning, and breathing.  90 minutes = 26 poses.  26!  wowee!!  let me tell you, i have never felt better than i do when i leave a Bikram class…it seems as though all of my tension is gone, i am completely detoxed, and suprisingly more energized than i was before i started.

with Bikram you’ll be sure to work out the kinks in your back, ease tension in your neck, detox all those dirty martini’s and soon master a crazy asana!!!!  i seriously recommend Bikram for anyone who wants to commit to something, look and feel better, and become more in tune with themselves.
trust me and find a studio near you!  (the site is a bit dated, but don’t let it turn you off)


ok, friends….off to get limber, healthy and skinny!! 🙂



the train wasn’t as crowded as usual this morning.
I quickly found an open seat and sat down, ear buds in my ears, minding my own business.
Suddenly I feel a tap on my leg and look up, take ear buds out…

“how you doin’ this mornin’?” he says
“i’m fine, thanks” politely smile, ear buds back in.

he says something else, but I can’t hear. I don’t want to be rude, so I remove the buds again…
“i’m sorry?”

“i said ‘mmm, looks like you fine!!’ you goin’ to work?” he says
“yes, i am.” i reply
“can you get me a job?  whatchu do???” he asks.
“i’m sorry, but I don’t think we’re hiring right now. I am an event planner” quickly put ear buds back in, signaling that I am done with this conversation.

tap-tap-tap on my knee. 

“you got a husband???”

“crap,” I think “what do I say?  There’s no ring on my finger…”
thinking on my feet – i lie.
“no, but I do have a very serious boyfriend.”

“does he treat you good? do you trust him?” he asks.
“yes, i do. i’m sorry, but i’m going to go back to my music now. have a good day.” i say

he proceeds to talk to me. i can barely hear him over my music – something about me being scared of him.  suddenly i notice that an older man in the seat across from him has tried to steer his attention away from me. i pause the song playing, but keep my ear buds in just in case….

“why don’t you leave her alone?  you’re saying some very inappropriate things that aren’t meant for public, and it looks like she is very uncomfortable” says the older man.

“why don’t you mind your business?” says the younger guy.

oh no. i hate confrontation. i turn the song back on so that i can drown them out, but it doesn’t help.  once the song is finished, i pause my ipod again.  somehow the older gentelman has completely calmed the young guy.  he’s now talking to him about God and life.

“I smoked a lot of PCP in my day” says the younger guy, “but i’m trying to get on track. I like to take it one day at a time. I’m going to AA tonight. I’m gettin better – one day at a time.”

“that’s very smart of you.  a very smart person said that once – it was God. one day at a time. do you know how much God loves you? do you think it disappoints him when you talk the way you have been this morning?” the older man ministers.

“God knows my heart and soul, so I don’t mind if he’s disappointed – he knows where i stand.” says the younger guy.

this conversation goes on for a while.  the older gentelman begins quoting Bible verses while the younger man listens intently.  By the time I got to my stop, the older man said that he would like to take the younger one to his church….and if he’s clean and can prove it, he’ll give him a job at his company.

after I hear this, the train stops at Akard (my stop) and I depart.
I’m not sure what else happened between the two, but while walking to my building, I realized that God had taken an extremely uncomfortable situation and turned it into something amazing. I know He does these things on a daily, hourly, minute-to-minute basis, but this particular situation just struck me.  God was changing someone’s life right there. 
This morning I am thankful.

whitney lately (with pictures)

Hello my loves!

It’s been almost a month since my last blog – this makes me sad. Things have been going 90 miles a minute and have yet to slow down, but that’s the way I like it. Amy and I are finally all moved into our new place (although I still have a box or two left to unpack). Jen’s bachelorette party that we planned was a success to say the least….girls, wine, jazz music, and lots of dancing (pictures are on Amy’s camera)! She gets married one week from today – Amy and I are helping plan the wedding and I’m in charge of the cake, so I’ve been busy trying to perfect my recipe and decorating style. This cake by Pink Cake Box is my inspiration:

Last week/weekend I visited some old friends in San Antonio. I got my hair cut, bought a new bag imported from Tibet, ate amazing food, spent time with some great people annnd brushed up on my salsa dancing. Phew! All of that in a few short days!

This weekend I’m in Wichita Falls spending some Q time with the fam. It’s always great to see them…and my mom does my laundry when I visit, so that’s really nice. 😉

Monday night and Tuesday I will be on-site at a Dallas event that I have been working on. Keynote speakers include Sarah Ferguson-Duchess of York, Kerri Walsh (Misty May Treanor’s partner), and a few authors/women’s activists. I’m very excited!

Hmmm, other updates…Oh! Halloween is fast approaching and I have my costume all ready. I can’t spill the beans about it yet, but I will post pictures at the end of the month.

I’ve been painting a lot…

and I started this book….only on Chapter 3, though

Pie parties, pumpkin carvings, state fair visitings, tattoo designings/savings, and more road trips are also in the works.

Happy fall my lovely friends!!!