dustland fairytale

I went to see The Killers Wednesday night with Jon and some friends.
Gosh, I forgot how amazing they are live.  I haven’t seen them in like…4 years, maybe…and I was having major Brandon Flowers withdraws!!!

Isn’t he adorable??? Seriously, the only man I like in guyliner.



and his wife!!!…I mean he’d probably be happier with me, but she’s so dang cute!! Love her!

More importantly, though, he is such a great entertainer…and I love the lights & stage set up at their shows.  I forgot my camera (duh!), so I don’t have pictures…but the stage was covered in a zebra skin mat (!!!!!)…there were palm trees all over, and a wall of lights behind the band that had a new pattern with each song.
I think the thing I like most about this band is that they are so creative…with every album The Killers change their style…it’s always something fresh and funky, and I lurrrrv it!

In other news, this weekend will be fabulous!!

My baby sister is coming to visit me, and I am SO excited!!! She turns 16 in a little over a week, which is such a bittersweet moment for me.   Pictures of our weekend to come!

ta-ta for now!

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