my new love

ok, so [i think] i’ve already filled you in on most of my celebrity loves…
if not, then that’s just a [long] blog waiting to happen.

but, guys & gals, i know i haven’t told you about my new-found love.
this love makes my heart skip a beat every time i think about it…
i look forward to this all day long…
sometimes i day dream and can’t help but smile…
other times i think about how amazing this love makes me feel…

his name, you ask??  his name is Bikram…
no, i’m not talking about a boy with an instrument or tattoos… heck, i’m not even talking about a boy…
i’m talking about Bikram Yoga.
if you haven’t heard of it, then i suggest you do some research.

Bikram Yoga is a new thing i’ve been trying lately.  you go into a room of mirrors with a temperature of about 105* and do 90 minutes of yoga.  yep, that’s 90 full minutes of stretching, toning, and breathing.  90 minutes = 26 poses.  26!  wowee!!  let me tell you, i have never felt better than i do when i leave a Bikram class…it seems as though all of my tension is gone, i am completely detoxed, and suprisingly more energized than i was before i started.

with Bikram you’ll be sure to work out the kinks in your back, ease tension in your neck, detox all those dirty martini’s and soon master a crazy asana!!!!  i seriously recommend Bikram for anyone who wants to commit to something, look and feel better, and become more in tune with themselves.
trust me and find a studio near you!  (the site is a bit dated, but don’t let it turn you off)


ok, friends….off to get limber, healthy and skinny!! 🙂


One response to “my new love

  1. Hey, thanks for sharing, I have just started Bikram yoga too and am loving it, it is so addictive!

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